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How to Get a Christmas Tree for Less or Even for (close to) Free - Save Money!

Inflation is runaway this year, hovering around 8%. That means Christmas trees will cost a lot more this year. But, there are ways to get a Christmas tree for less. Here's how:

To get a cheaper Christmas tree this year:

  1. Go early - Lock down a tree early. Most farms open right after Thanksgiving on Black Friday or that Saturday. Prices tend to go up for the next two weeks, as supplies dwindle.
  2. Go late - On the other hand, waiting until a few days before Christmas is another good bet.  You may have to drive around or call around, but a cut tree is pretty much worthless after Christmas.  This only applies to cut trees, obviously.
  3. Cut your own with a permit in a National Forest - OK, it's not completely free, the permits cost between $5 and $10, but you have to admit that's dirt cheap!  Check our page here to see if there is such a forest near you. Of course, you're completely on your own, and we all saw how that worked out for Clark Griswold (National Lampoon's "Christmas Vacation" Truly a Christmas classic movie) ..
  4. Last Result -  big box store: Costco usually has the cheapest precut Fraser firs anywhere.


What doesn't work

  1. Asking a tree farm for a free tree - Sorry, but no matter how poor you are, each tree costs the tree farm years of time and plenty of money to grow.  They aren't free. And with droughts, fires and inflation, they pretty much need to sell every single tree to stay in business and feed their own families.  It's just basic math.
  2. Not getting a tree - Seriously?

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