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How to make Homemade Fat-Free, Sugar-Free Eggnog

How to Make Fat-Free, Sugar-Free* Eggnog
Step by Step, with Photos!

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Homemade Fat-free EggnogDo you love eggnog, but dare not have more than a tiny sip because it is loaded with fat, cholesterol, sugar and gut-growing, butt-building, thigh-flabbing mega-calories? Now, prepare to imbibe and enjoy, guilt-free with an utterly (or "udderly") simple recipe for fat free, sugarless eggnog, that is high in healthy digestible protein and big on flavor.

This also has the advantage of using pasteurized eggs, which means you needn't worry about getting food poisoning (salmonella) as you would with traditional homemade eggnog which uses raw eggs!

Making eggnog is especially easy with these step-by-step instructions, complete with photographs to illustrate each step. This makes almost a gallon of eggnog (yes you can reduce the recipe proportionally to make less, or increase it to make more.

How does it taste? Just like regular eggnogg, but with a lighter texture!

* Essentially fat and sugar free: The milk, half-and-half, egg whites and egg beaters meet the government's definition of fat-free, so if you don't add run or bourbon, it ought to be as fat and sugar free as is possible!

Ingredients and SuppliesHomemade Eggnog Ingredients

  • 1 Pint of egg beaters or similar whole egg substitute. These are natural egg products made from the egg whites, without the yolks. The yolks contain the fat and cholesterol, while the whites are a simple protein!
  • 1 Pint of egg whites - again, you can find them in the dairy section in a carton. Of course, you can use 6 ordinary eggs and separate the yolks, but we have no use for the yolks, so you would just be throwing them away (eating them would defeat the purpose of making the egg-yolk free eggnog)Homemade Eggnog Ingredients
  • 1 quart of fat free milk - 4 cups (950ml)
  • 1 pint (475 ml) of fat-free half and half - this provides the flavor and richness of heavy whipping cream, but without theEgg whites fat and calories!
  • 1 cup (200 g) of Splenda (sucralose or other non-calorie sweetener). You can use any sugar alternative sweetener of your choice: nutrasweet/Aspartame, Stevia, Fructose, grown pine bark, whatever.... But I think Splenda tastes best.
  • Ground nutmeg, to add flavor, About 1/4 teaspoon, normally.

Booze: you skipped right to this part, didn't you? OK, if you want it to be essentially fat free and sugar free, you can't add liquor. But, if you do add liquor, at least you've made a healthier and lower calorie drink that it would be!

  • Fifth bourbon (optional) - Use 2 cups (400ml)
  • A pint of white rum (optional) - Use 1/2 cup (100ml)

DirectionsEgg whites

Step 1 - Beat the pint of egg whites

Be sure to use a clean dry bowl; any contaminants will make the eggs less likely to whip up! But the booze down - no sampling (yet)Whipping the Egg whites

Step 2 - Mix in the 1 cup of Splenda or other sweetener.

 Splenda or other sweetenerNow, in a separate bowl, mix the remaining half of the Splenda with the 1 pint of egg beaters.

Whipping the  Splenda or other sweetener

Step 3 - Slowly mix the egg beater mix into the egg white mix

Gently mix the egg beater / Splenda mixture into the beaten egg whites, pouring slowly (the goal is to keep the fluffiness of the whites).

Step 4 - Now, you boozy lush, yes, you may add your rum now, if desired

Slowly pour the rum into the egg mixture and gently stir it in.

Step 5 - Add the milkAdd the milk

Slowly pour the 1 quart of fat free milk into the mixture and gently (you don't want to collapse the foam of the egg whites more than necessary) stir it in.

Step 6 - Adding the bourbon (and stop slurring your words! I told you not to sample it)

Slowly pour the bourbon into the mixture and gently stir it in.

Step 7 - Add the fat-free half-and-half

Pour the 1 pint of fat-free half-and-half into the egg mixture and gently stir it in.

Step 8 - Sprinkle in the nutmeg

At 1/8 teaspoon to the nog and then after filling mugs, just sprinkle a little more on top as a garnish!

Other tips:

  • Nutmeg may be replaced with fresh mace as it gives a pleasant citrus-like taste.
  • If you aren't a fan of bourbon replace it with brandy or dark rum.
  • You can always make a non-alcoholic eggnog by just omitting the rum and the bourbon. Then folks can add liquor to their cup as they like.
  • After a while, the mixture starts to separate to make a heavy fluid with a fluffy head, so when serving it make sure you get a representative sample of each.
  • Be gentle during the entire mixing process. Don't over-beat the eggs or the cream; the whipped cream will begin to taste like butter when whipped too long.
  • The traditional explanation concerning the safety of eggnog (that the liquor is strong enough to kill whatever problems the eggs introduce) is false. See the source below for further discussion on the topic.
  • Nutmeg allergies are rather rare, and are unrelated to peanut and tree nut allergies. If you have a family history of allergies, and have not handled fresh nutmeg before, grind it with a friend or family member nearby who can get help if you have a serious allergic reaction.

Comments and Feedback

  • A visitor writes on December 05, 2017: "Used in three years in a row, omitting the nutmeg and using only 2 cups of sugar. It is delicious!"

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