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Whether you want to cut your own tree, pick a live tree and have it cut for you, buy a tree already cut or buy a living tree you can plant, this page provides detailed listings of Southwest Arizona's choose-and-cut Christmas tree farms, places to buy pre-cut (also called pre-harvested and fresh-cut) trees, stands, sleigh rides, hay rides and related winter events and fun. Some listings are for tree farms, others are tree lots, and some only offer hay rides, sleigh rides or other winter events. READ EACH LISTING to know what each facility offers. The farms are listed further down this page, so scroll down the page! Since this service is free and open to ALL Christmas tree farms, not just those who belong to an association or pay for an ad, like almost all other websites do, this is the most complete and current listing available! Help me keep this page complete and up to date, by reporting any corrections needed or suggesting farms to add!

See these resource pages:

  1. Our Christmas Tree guide with photos and descriptions of more than 2 dozen varieties of Christmas trees, along with a simple comparison chart! And a PDF print version to take to the farm with you!
  2. The A-Z of getting your tree and caring for your tree, and
  3. Tips to make your tree last longer and not drop needles.

If it has just snowed; see this page about how to make snocones from real snow! It costs almost nothing and your kids will love it!


  • If the name of the farm is blue with an underline; that's a link to their website or Facebook page. Click on it for the most current hours and information.
  • ALWAYS email or call the farm or store BEFORE YOU GO - many farms have closed in the past year, and of course, we won't know until the season starts and we find they aren't open! Call to confirm their supply, their hours and whether they have trees, are allowing choose-and-cut or just precut trees; and which attractions or winter activities are available. All three can change during the short Christmas season, due to weather, demand and the farmer's business conditions! Farms get sold, shut down or run out of trees, and they don't all update me every day, let alone every year. For more tips to make your trip fun and successful, click here !
    DON'T DRIVE OUT THERE IF YOU CAN'T REACH THEM (by phone, email or find current information on their website or Facebook page!
  • And please tell the farmer you visit in Southwest Arizona that you found their farm here! I need the farmers to realize that you found them here so that they will keep their information up to date!

If you know of any tree farms I missed and want to add it or correct the information, or provide feedback about a farm or the website , please let me know! There are affiliate links on this page. Read our disclosure policy to learn more. After Christmas, click here to find how how and where to easily recycle or dispose of your Christmas tree! And to recycle used, broken or old Christmas lights and electronics See this page for local options to easily recycle your Christmas holiday lights

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Updates for September 2023

September 2023: Tree supplies are looking good, but expect prices to be WAY up this year. It's always smart to get to the tree farm early and tag or reserve your tree, if they allow it. Many tree farms allow tagging starting in mid-November.

And next Spring, you'll want to take your children to a free Easter egg hunt - see our companion website to find a local Easter Egg hunt - ( . It's the ONLY website that is updated every Easter for all Easter Egg hunts in the U.S.

Christmas tree farms, lots and activities, sorted by county

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NOTE: To my knowledge, since 2018, there now NO commercial cut-your-own Christmas tree farms in Arizona. But, don't despair, there are several National Forests that allow you to cut your own tree, see below:

Norfolk Island Pine

La Paz County

Yuma County

  • Cut your own Christmas tree in a Arizona forest (with a permit)

    Yes, with the following restrictions, you are allowed to go out in the following forests, find your perfect Christmas tree and cut down with your own hands:

    Christmas tree permits are available over the counter at many Forest Service offices. Supplies are limited. Since not all offices offer Christmas tree permits, and some offices may be sold out, call ahead for more details and to be sure the local office responsible for the area in which you are interested offers permits, and still has them available. Please contact the forest where you intend to cut for availability and details.

    There is now a centralized place online to buy a Christmas tree permit in a national forest in any state that has a forest that allows it; see this page on

    • Apache-Sitgreaves - Permits may be purchased at all five ranger districts October 10 - December 24.
    • Coconino-Permit sales start Friday in mid-November through December 24 for designated cutting areas in designated areas of the Flagstaff and Mogollon Rim ranger districts.
    • Coronado- Christmas tree permits for Douglas Ranger District on the Coronado National Forest go on sale in mid-November. No other districts offer Christmas Tree Permits.
      Douglas Ranger District: 520-388-8436
    • Kaibab-The Kaibab National Forest is selling over-the-counter and through-the-mail Christmas tree tags on a first-come, first-served basis beginning mid-November through December 24.
      North Kaibab Ranger District: 928-643-7395
      Tusayan Ranger District: 928-638-2443
      Williams Ranger District: 928-635-5600
    • Prescott- Permits will be available beginning Saturday in mid-November on the Bradshaw and Chino Valley Ranger Districts, and on the following Monday at the Verde Ranger District.
    • Tonto- Permits go on sale in mid-November. Each Christmas tree permit is $15 (2018 price) and can be purchased at one of four locations on the Tonto.

    Here is the main page on the Forestry website

    • Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest (any species of tree)
    • The Kaibab National Forest (pinon or juniper)
    • Prescott National Forest (any species of tree)
    • Tonto National Forest (pinon or juniper)

    Here are certain restrictions:

    You must have a permit to cut a Christmas tree. A limited number of permits are granted each year . In 2018, the permits went on sale for $10 to $15 each on October 10 at 12 Big Five Sporting Goods in Arizona. They allow residents to legally cut down their own tree. (Note: Forest officials announced in September 2008 they were dropping the decades-old lottery that decided who got to harvest trees for a statewide sale of permits on a first-come, first-serve basis at the stores.)

    Other conditions and restrictions:

    • Trees may be cut between mid-November and December 24th. BUT GO EARLY -DO NOT WAIT TO GET YOUR PERMIT!
      (The Tonto National Forest sells out of Christmas Tree Permits by the end of November every year. Once all 2,000 permits available have been sold, the Payson Ranger District Office will not be open)
    • The permit allows you to cut one tree under 10 feet tall, per residence, per year.
    • You may harvest a tree for someone else if you have their permit with you
    • No tree harvested under this program may be sold.

    For more information you may call the Christmas tree hotline at 602-225-5258 or see these pages:

    For details please visit the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest Passes & Permit page .

    The Coconino National Forest will begin selling Christmas tree tags on Friday, mid-November, at three locations:

    • 300 tags will be available at the Mogollon Rim Ranger Station,
    • 200 tags will be available at the Flagstaff Ranger Station, and
    • 100 tags will be available at the Forest Supervisor's Office in Flagstaff.

    Visit the Coconino National Forest Christmas Tree Permits page for additional details.

    The Coronado National Forest will begin selling Christmas tree permits on Tuesday, in mid-November, at the Douglas Ranger District. Please contact the Douglas Ranger District at (520) 364-3468 for additional information.

    The Kaibab National Forest will begin selling Christmas tree tags in mid-November, at three locations:

    • 800 tags will be available at the North Kaibab Ranger District
    • 500 tags will be available at the Tusayan Ranger District
    • 500 tags will be available at the Williams Ranger District.

    Visit Kaibab National Forest Christmas Tree Permit page for additional details.

    The Prescott National Forest will begin selling Christmas tree permits on Saturday, in mid-Novemberat two locations:

    • 300 permits available at the Bradshaw Ranger District
    • 100 permits available at the Chino Valley Ranger Station
    • 100 permits available at the Verde Ranger District (starting Monday November 21, 2016)

    Visit the Prescott National Forest Christmas Tree Permit page for additional details.

    The Tonto National Forest will begin selling Christmas tree permits on Wednesday, mid-November, at the following locations:

    • 500 permits at the Tonto Supervisor's Office
    • 500 permits at the Mesa Ranger District
    • 500 permits at the Cave Creek Ranger District
    • 475 at the Payson Ranger District, and
    • 25 at the Pleasant Valley Ranger District.

    Visit the Tonto National Forest Christmas Tree page for additional details.

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