Make Your Own Flocking From Soap Flakes

To save money over purchasing commercial flocking mix, make your own flocking material. Here's how to make your own flocking in simple steps! 


  • Soap flakes - you'll want a gentle soap, such as Ivory or generic equivalents, does not contain any dyes or fragrances that can detract from the finished flocking, or even trigger an allergic reaction. Here's a link to inexpensive generic soap flakes on Amazon.
  • Binding agent - Either 1/2 cup cornstarch mixed with enough water to make a glue (my preference) or
    Elmer's Glue (or equivalent generic white glue), again 2/3 cup. I think the cornstrach is a bit less messy. Martha Stewart makes a glittering glue (see the Amazon box at right), which is intended specifically for Christmas tree flocking.

Step 1 - Combine the ingredients

Combine the soap shavings with liquid cornstarch or white glue in bucket with a hand mixer, or a paint stirrer attached to an electric drill.

Step 2 - Add warm water

Add a small amount of warm water, slowly to make a very stiff mixture.

Step 3 - Add tint or glitter (optional)

If you want to add a sparkly effect or tint, now is the time to add it; don't overdo it!

Step 4 - Complete mixing

Mix stiff peaks start to form, just like you were making a lemon meringue pie with egg wghites (or for guys, like a very stiff shaving cream foam)


Of course, if you would rather not make your own flocking, here are the top two prepared flocking materials sold on Amazon:


Now back to flocking your tree!